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Places to Work in Pokhara

Places to Work in Pokhara

By on Apr 20, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

I’ve been staying in Pokhara for a few weeks now in total, albeit with a few trips out to Muktinath, Kathmandu and Nagarkot. In that time I have been to quite a few of the places along the main strip of the Lakeside. Not all of them, probably not even half, but a decent number.

Where to Find Good Internet in Pokhara, Nepal

It’s difficult to find a good internet connection anywhere in Pokhara, even in Nepal in general. It seems that it will range from dial up speed – 56kbps – to somewhere like 512kbps if you are lucky. In the mornings are a good time to use the net because there are fewer people using it and most of the businesses don’t start up until 10am.

If you are staying at one of the guest houses it will be hard to find good internet unless you are staying at one of the more expensive places. The reason for this is that they aren’t prepared to fork out for good internet if they don’t have to. Most people only want to check their email but even this can be challenging at times.

The other factor is power. Only the places which have a large number of rooms and guests at any one time are likely to use a generator because it’s quite expensive to do so. If they don’t use one you will only have power for 10 hours a day and 5 of those hours are overnight which is quite inconvenient.

1st Choice for Morning Work

I like a place called Moondance for breakfast because they have plug sockets available next to sofas with a table in front. It’s a perfect work place because not many people sit here as they prefer the open fronted area. The area to sit in is upstairs to the right hand side. The food here is also very good, they have full power by using a generator when the power is out, the place is comfortable, clean and service is good.

I particularly like the Moondance Special for breakfast – really filling. They have a proper coffee machines here, too, which is much better than the instant stuff you find at most other places.

1st Choice for Evening Work

In the evenings I like a place called Salt & Pepper. The evenings seem to get much busier at Moondance so the net is slower, but I’ve had good success at Salt & Pepper. You can sit upstairs out on the terrace of downstairs in the bar area. There is power available and good internet.

The food is really good here, very well prepared, fresh and reasonably priced. The service is also good.

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