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Travel – The Journey Begins

Travel – The Journey Begins

  • Author: Rob Jackson
  • Date Posted: Nov 24, 2013
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My flight out was booked and I was ready to go. The date for the flight was the 21st November 2013 on BA flight 0199, leaving Healthrow terminal 5 at 21:35. I was lucky enough to have gained enough air miles so as to upgrade my flight to business class. Boom!

The Lounge

Mumbai WeatherWhenever you have a business class ticket you get access to the lounges in terminal 5, the North and South lounges. Always use the south lounge wherever possible because it’s the biggest and has the most facilities, so I’ve been told. It was nice, massive and all free food and drink. Help yourself buffet style. I got there 5 hours before my flight to take advantage of this…

The alcohol was pour yourself, too, so there were bottles of Grey Goose vodka and whiskey just lying on the side for you to pick up and pour yourself a glass. Nice.

The Flight

The area you get for a seat is large with loads of legroom and a foot rest so you can lie the bed completely flat and make a bed. This is ideal if you are on an overnight flight and can deal with the turbulence…I hate turbulence so I felt sick for most of the flight! I had a nice meal and some alcohol, again there is as much as you want. The food quality is way higher and you get proper knives, forks, plates and glasses. Even the bread comes out warm…

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