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  • Author: Rob Jackson
  • Date Posted: Jun 17, 2014
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I went to Kathmandu from Pokhara for one reason only, to get my Thai visa. I had researched it enough and found out that I could get a 2 month tourist visa which would mean I wouldn’t have to do any visa runs when I was training at Tiger gym in Phuket. When I arrived at the Thai Embassy with just 15 mins to spare before it closed I was a little surprised to find it closed. Then I found out that it was a public holiday so that as well as the bank was closed!

Thai Visa Troubles

I went back the next day with all the paperwork and my cheque (which has to be issued from the Bank of Kathmandu), ready to get my visa. After speaking with the staff at the embassy, they told me that I could not longer get that Visa. After a little discussion, I told them that I was going to Thailand to train at a kick boxing camp and they said that I could get a non-tourist visa for 90 days!

After a lot of running back and forth between the Embassy, Tiger gym to get a confirmation letter and the Bank of Kathmandu I finally managed to get my 90 day visa just 1 days before I had to leave Kathmandu to head back up to Pokhara. Lucky!

Just a note to all those people who are taking the advice of the Thai Embassy believing that they can get a multi-entry 2 month visa from Kathmandu in Nepal. You can’t (at the time I tried, which was April 2014). They used to do it, but apparently the consul decided that those types of visas were not granted any longer and a normal, 30 day tourist visa should be obtained on arrival, even though on their own website it advises against this.

My advice would be to someone get a different type of visa if you can because having to do “visa runs” in Thailand is really annoying and adds expense.

Random Roads

One thing about travelling through places like Nepal and definitely India on any form of transport is that there is never a dull moment. Everything and everyone uses the road, from motor vehicles to animals, to children, to goat herders and everything in between. Guaranteed, you will see some of the most bizarre things while travelling along the road. Here is something I captured on video in Nepal:


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