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India – Munsyari

India – Munsyari

  • Author: Rob Jackson
  • Date Posted: Jun 4, 2014
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I recently wrote about my way to Munsyari, so if you haven’t read that check it out first.

Upon arriving in Munsyari, I saw the first hotel up the top of the hill which looked liked somewhere I would like to stay but I didn’t go in because I wanted to see what else was around. Turning the next corner a guy came running out of a hotel and beckoned me over. The rates on the poster outside the hotel said rooms from 800 to 2,500 rupees but I asked the price and he said he could do one for 500 rupees a night so I went to have a look.

This place was called Vijay Mount View Resort. He showed me to the room and said they had wi-fi. I have learned not to take it on face value whatever someone at a hotel says and to check everything. He came up with an excuse that the wi-fi was down, but I insisted in seeing it. Eventually the manager came along after I had filled out the register and told me that they do not have wi-fi…

I said I was leaving to find another hotel and he said that no other hotel in Munsyari has wi-fi…I didn’t believe him so went up the road to check at the first, nice looking hotel. They had wi-fi, the manager was very nice and honest and let me use the wi-fi to check it was working. I said I’d be back so went to pick up my bag from the 1st Hotel.

I went straight to my room while telling the manager that they have wi-fi at another hotel. He tried to tell me to stay but I got my bags and left. He then tried to tell me that there was a 500 rupee entrance fee for the hotel! Many hoteliers that you come across are unscrupulous, liars and will tell you anything to make you part with your money. This was a particularly annoying situation because they had lied to me twice and now wanted me to pay. I just left and said “you are a joker!” Haha, but I wasn’t laughing, I was pissed off.

Milam Inn

The hotel I settled on was called Milam Inn. Milam in the name of a glacier located around 60km away which is an option for a trekking expedition from Munsyari. I could see the large Himalyan mountain range directly from my bedroom window which was very large. They had a restaurant and wi-fi so I was pretty much set….The only downside was that they didn’t have pancakes or any desserts, or maybe that was a blessing in disguise. It meant I have to walk into town to buy some biscuits, so at least I burned off some calories in doing the walk down and back up the steep hill.

Amenities in Munsyari

At the previous petrol station I had tried to fill up my tank but they were out of petrol so I couldn’t. I still had quite a lot of fuel but I like to play it safe, especially when out in the mountains with little help around. When I arrived in Munsyari I found out that there was no petrol station apart from the one I had just come through, 70km away. Also, there was no ATM so it was a good job I had brought a decent amount of money with me.

Things to do

I felt very relaxed up at the hotel in Munsyari and my days were spent by reading, writing, sitting outside, tinkering with my digital camera (which lead me to make some great finds in terms of settings which I should have known about a long time before) and practicing yoga for 45 minutes every morning.

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